HighPoint Advisor Group


HighPoint Advisor Group is the home for financial advisors seeking not only independence, but a true entrepreneurial environment in which to actively grow to the HighPoint of their careers, all built out on the LPL Financial Hybrid RIA platform. The Hybrid RIA platform provides not only a Broker/Dealer relationship with an established B/D in LPL Financial, but access to fee-based advisory and wrap programs through HighPoint Advisor Group as the Registered Investment Adviser.

As part of a full value proposition, HighPoint brings experienced knowledgeable behind-the-scenes transition services, proactive compliance and risk management partnership, business reviews and coaching, a virtual admin program, numerous offering opportunities, and concierge services to advisors and clients alike. HighPoint partners with some of the industry’s leaders in succession planning to bring opportunities on both the front and back ends of the succession process, and feels that part of building your business is planning for its ultimate transition.

Professional Wealth Advisors is proud to partner with HighPoint Advisor Group and seeks not to be your next decision, but rather your best decision. If you feel that independence and an entrepreneurial environment is something you would benefit from exploring, please complete the “request an Interview” form below. You may also learn more about HighPoint Planning Partners at https://highpointplanningpartners.com.


Join our PWA Team and find the gratification that independence can provide.